Crosman Phantom 1000 FPS .177 Break Barrel Air Rifle

Are you looking for your first air rifle? The Crosman Phantom 1000fps .177 break barrel air rifle is a great beginners air rifle. It looks really cool, is well balanced and comes with a scope. This air rifle is great for beginners or people who just need a good pellet rifle to hunt small game, do pest control or target shooting. It’s six pound weight, balance and ergonomic shape make this air rifle perfect to hold and use for a long time. It doesn’t need too much looking after because of the synthetic stock and forearm made to resist all-weather. With the ability to fire a .177 caliber pellet with a velocity of 1000fps this air rifle is definitely one of the more powerful air rifles in its price-range. It has a two-stage adjustable trigger so you can adjust the trigger to your personal preference and it comes with a Centerpoint 4x32mm precision scope.  Experienced hunters might experience some small issues, but for the price and versatility of this air rifle they are easy to overcome.

The Crosman Phantom 1000 FPS .177 Break barrel air rifle (includes 4 x 32mm scope) is sold by Amazon with free shipping. If you are interested in this air rifle then check out Amazon as they are selling it the cheapest.

Specifications and features of the Crosman Phantom 1000 FPS .177 Break barrel air rifle (includes 4 x 32mm scope):

  • Powerful break barrel rifle perfect as a starter air rifle
  • Suggested use: Target shooting, pest control, small game
  • Barrel: rifled steel
  • Spring powered
  • Maximum velocity: up to 1000 feet per second
  • Caliber: 0.177
  • Overall length: 44.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.02 pounds
  • Fiber optic front and rear sights
  • 4x32mm Centerpoint precision scope

Phantom 1000 FPS .177 Break barrel air rifle customer reviews and conclusion

Most customers were very positive about this air rifle. Common things said about the Crosman Phantom are that it looks really good, it is very well balanced. Made of durable materials with the synthetic stock giving it a very high quality feeling. Also the rubber recoil pad is of good quality and it lies well against the shoulder. With a heavy rifled steel barrel that is easy but not too easy to cock. Someone did complain that the barrel does not lock in place and bounces open, but that would only happen when you slam the barrel up really hard. So this is easy to prevent.

There are some complaints about the trigger mainly that there is no real crisp break, there is a long take up to the break point and it’s a bit stiff. Some people disagree, saying it’s fine. But it really doesn’t feel like a two stage trigger. If you get the Crosman Phantom 1000fps .177 break barrel air rifle and you are not satisfied with the trigger, you can always replace the trigger yourself. Also the scope is not great. Some people are fine with the scope, others take it off or replace it. If you find a highly accurate scope important then you can always choose to get a better scope, which is easily fitted on the air rifle. This is the main reason this air rifle is great for beginners but experienced marksmen rather fit a good scope on this air rifle.

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In conclusion: The Crosman Phantom 1000fps .177 break barrel air rifle is great as a beginner/starter air rifle. For more accuracy you might want to change the scope to something a bit better. All in all it’s great value for the money and you can have some good fun with this air rifle.

Crosman Phantom 1000 fps .177 break barrel air rifle

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